Discover and taste excellent confectionery creations

Authentic sicilian
pastry art

Sicilyum exalts the typical fruits of Sicily, combining innovation and the traditional confectionery cultures of the island. Our pastry chefs interpret this philosophy with great passion, creating products of high value and quality, such as Panettone and Colomba cakes, marmalades, jams and preserves, Modica chocolate, nougat and almond cookies, making it as an unforgettable taste experience, wholly Sicilian!

Colomba for a yummy Easter

Sicilyum Colomba cakes are prepared by our pastry chefs in three versions, one classic and two others enriched with creams made from typically Sicilian fine ingredients, such as Sicilian pistachio and PGI Modica chocolate. Taste, aroma and softness are ensured by the slow leavening of the dough and the use of natural yeast, and the high quality is highlighted by elegant packaging.

Ideas for exceptional gifts

Sicilyum has created a collection of exclusive and highly appealing gift boxes, each characterized by the presence of the most prestigious products in the catalogue, to make them particularly welcome and leave you spoiled for choice.

Panettone for a delicious Christmas

The Sicilyum Panettone cakes are made unique by the new interpretation of an ancient Sicilian recipe and by noble ingredients such as Modica Chocolate, Sicilian candied oranges, Sicilian pistachio, Marsala DOC wine. The slow leavening of the dough and the use of natural yeast give it taste, softness and fragrance, and the elegance of the packaging enhances its prestige.

Marmalades, jams and preserves as it once was

The Sicilyum delicacies in a jar are made unique by the processing, which respects the ancient Sicilian tradition, and by the variety of unique and typical Sicilian fruits. It is an exclusive line, assorted in delicious flavours and proposed in elegant glass jars, which contain citrus marmalades, fig and mulberry extra jams, pistachio spreadable cream and pesto.

Modica Chocolate, unique, mythical, IGP

The Sicilyum Modica chocolate, obtained from cold processing as it once was, praises the recognition of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI or IGP) Just taste it and you will fall in love with it! Already in the XVI century in the territory of Modica, cocoa beans were processed as the Aztecs did, thanks to the Spaniards who introduced the technique.

Nougat bars, bite-size nougats and almond cookies. As Sicily intended!

Sicilyum soft nougats retrace the Sicilian confectionery tradition, matching almonds, pistachios and ingredients that enhance their sweetness. The Sicilian pastry chefs began centuries ago to create nougats with typical Sicilian methods and ingredients, giving them a personality made of intense and different aromas and flavours.