Sicilian Confectionery

The secrets of our pastry chefs

Sicily is the cradle of Italian pastry, where Cannoli and Cassata, Sfincione and Martorana Fruit were forged. Sicilian desserts, which have always been linked to religious rites, are born from an ancient art, influenced by recipes, ingredients and important methods, inherited by the peoples who dominated the island.
What are the secrets of this art that the SICILYUM pastry chefs keep, interpret and renew in the creation of such exquisite desserts?
First of all, the typical creativity of Sicilian pastry chefs, who interpret and renew traditional processes like no other. In addition, the use of wheat that ripen in the sun of the island, the sourdough and the natural slow leavening, the cooking methods, different for each product, which our confectioners faithfully respect.
Last but not least, the selection and use of those typically Sicilian fruits that the world envies us, such as pistachios and almonds, oranges, mandarins and lemons, figs and black mulberries, Modica chocolate.